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A Disutility-Based Drift Control for Exchange Rates 1-gen-2014 Castellano, Rosella; Cerqueti, Roy; R. L., D'Ecclesia Published Economic Version.pdf
A Spatial Mixed Poisson Framework for Combination of Excess of Loss and Proportional Reinsurance Contracts 1-gen-2009 Cerqueti, Roy; Foschi, R; Spizzichino, F. IME.pdf
Approximating multivariate Markov chains for bootstrapping through contiguous partitions 1-gen-2015 Cerqueti, Roy; Falbo, Paolo; Guastaroba, Gianfranco; Pelizzari, Cristian -
Assessing the relationship between toxicity and economic cost of oncological target agents: a systematic review of clinical trials 1-gen-2017 Cerqueti, R.; Tartari, F.; Conti, A. journal.pone.0183639.pdf
Asymptotic solutions of a generalized eigenvalue problem 1-gen-2009 Cerqueti, Roy; Costantini, M. cerquetiAMS57-60-2009.pdf
Bayesian Estimation and Entropy for Economic Dynamic Stochastic Models: An Exploration of Overconsumption 1-gen-2016 Argentiero, Amedeo; Bovi, Maurizio; Cerqueti, Roy CSF-published.pdf
Benford's law predicted digit distribution of aggregated income taxes: the surprising conformity of Italian cities and regions 1-gen-2014 T. A., Mir; M., Ausloos; Cerqueti, Roy -
Bribes, Lobbying and Industrial Structure 1-gen-2021 Cerqueti, R; Coppier, R; Piga, G ITEJ_Cerqueti2021_Article_BribesLobbyingAndIndustrialStr.pdf
Companies' decisions for profit maximization: A structural model 1-gen-2009 Cerqueti, Roy; Rotundo, G. cerquetiAMS25-28-2009.pdf
Copulas, Uncertainty, and False Discovery Rate Control 1-gen-2018 Cerqueti, Roy; Lupi, Claudio IJAR Lupi.pdf
Corruptibility and Tax Evasion 1-gen-2015 Cerqueti, Roy; Coppier, Raffaella EJLE_2015.pdf
Corruption, evasion and environmental policy. A game theory approach 1-gen-2016 Cerqueti, Roy; Coppier, Raffaella Cerqueti_Corruption-evasion-environmental_2016.pdf
Corruption, growth and ethnolinguistic fractionalization: a theoretical game model 1-gen-2012 Cerqueti, Roy; Coppier, Raffaella; G., Piga Journal_of_Economics_2012_C.pdf
Cross Ranking of Cities and Regions: Population vs. Income 1-gen-2015 Cerqueti, Roy; Ausloos, Marcel -
Data on the annual aggregated income taxes of the Italian municipalities over the quinquennium 2007-2011 1-gen-2018 Ausloos, M.; Cerqueti, R.; Mir, T. A. DIB_Pubblicato-su-sito.pdf
Data science for assessing possible tax income manipulation: The case of Italy 1-gen-2017 Ausloos, Marcel; Cerqueti, Roy; Mir, Tariq A. CSF Ausloos Cerqueti Mir.pdf
Does the U.S. exercise contagion on Italy? A theoretical model and empirical evidence 1-gen-2018 Cerqueti, Roy; Fenga, Livio; Ventura, Marco PhysA-VenturaFenga_Published.pdf
Dynamic Programming via Measurable Selection 1-gen-2009 Cerqueti, Roy Dynamic_programming.pdf
A dynamic stochastic model of asset pricing with heterogeneous beliefs 1-gen-2010 S., Brianzoni; Cerqueti, Roy; Michetti, Elisabetta Brianzoni_Dynamic-Stochastic-Model_2010.pdf
Earthquakes economic costs through rank-size laws 1-gen-2017 Ficcadenti, Valerio; Cerqueti, Roy JSTAT-published.pdf