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3D Virtual Worlds to design social stories: an integrated approach in interventions with children with ASD 1-gen-2020 Fedeli, Laura; Pennazio, Valentina Fedeli_3D-Virtual-Worlds_2020.pdf
A cross-case analysis of ICT courses in teacher training programmes for special needs: technology affordances and Universal Design for Learning 1-gen-2022 Fedeli, L. Fedeli_Crosscase-analysis_2022.pdf
A Digital Map as a Representational Tool Implications for the Instructional Design Process 1-gen-2019 Fedeli, Laura; Pennazio, Valentina; Pentucci, Maila Fedeli_Digital-Map_2019.pdf
A Multidimensional Perspective on Digital Competence, Curriculum and Teacher Training in Italy. A Scoping Review on Prospective and Novice Teachers 1-gen-2022 Fedeli, L. -
A proposal to act on Theory of Mind by applying robotics and virtual worlds with children with ASD 1-gen-2019 Pennazio, Valentina; Fedeli, Laura Pennazio_Proposal- Act-Theory_2019.pdf
A study of teacher/student relations in a formal face-to-face university context supported by online tools within an enactive approach 1-gen-2011 Fedeli, Laura; Rossi, Pier Giuseppe -
A study on real/virtual relationships through a mobile augmented reality application 1-gen-2014 Fedeli, Laura; Rossi, Pier Giuseppe -
An Autoethnographic Approach to Faculty Development Through a Longitudinal Analysis of a Co-taught Workshop 1-gen-2023 Fedeli, L.; Deluigi, R. FEDELI_Autoethnographic-Approach-Faculty-Development_2023.pdf
An Exploratory Study on Teacher Training: The Use and Impact of Technologies Within a Specialization Course for Special Needs 1-gen-2019 Fedeli, L.; Pennazio, V. Fedeli_Exploratory-Study_2019.pdf
An Intelligent Tutoring System to Support Student and Teacher Activity 1-gen-2013 Rossi, Pier Giuseppe; Fedeli, Laura -
Applying a flexible approach in a professionalizing online course: a case study 1-gen-2014 Giannandrea, Lorella; Fedeli, Laura -
Approccio laboratoriale e co-teaching: metodologie plurali per una formazione integrata 1-gen-2021 Deluigi, R.; Fedeli, L. 2021_DELUIGI_co-teaching.pdf
Aspetti ludici e dimensione empatica nei mondi virtuali: uno studio di caso in Second Life 1-gen-2014 Fedeli, Laura -
Autoethnography and faculty development: reflections from a co-teaching experience 1-gen-2022 Fedeli, L.; Deluigi, R. Fedeli_Autoetnography_2022.pdf
Charting the impact of freshmen orientation in degree courses for educators: a seminar case-study 1-gen-2020 Fedeli, Laura Fedeli_Charting-Impact-Freshmen_2020.pdf
Co-teaching and video production-based workshop as drivers for meaningful learning 1-gen-2023 Fedeli, L; Deluigi, R. FEDELI_Coteaching-VideoProduction_2023.pdf
Contextualized Teaching & Learning as a Fundamental Educational Model 1-gen-2018 Stramaglia, Massimiliano; Deluigi, Rosita; Fedeli, Laura stramaglia_contextualized_2018.pdf
Culture digitali e processi formativi. Ipotesi metodologiche e soluzioni tecnologiche per promuovere la convergenza delle pratiche di insegnamento e apprendimento tra educazione formale e informale sociale 1-gen-2009 Rossi, Pier Giuseppe; Giannandrea, Lorella; Alessandri, Giuseppe; Magnoler, Patrizia; Fedeli, Laura -
Dal feedback informativo, al feedback generativo 1-gen-2018 Rossi, Pier Giuseppe; Pentucci, Maila; Fedeli, Laura; Giannandrea, Lorella; Pennazio, Valentina Rossi_Feedback_2018.pdf
DEMO – Design and manage online competences 1-gen-2010 Rossi, Pier Giuseppe; Giannandrea, Lorella; Magnoler, Patrizia; Carletti, Simone; Fedeli, Laura -