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A deep learning-based system to track and analyze customer behavior in retail store 1-gen-2018 Generosi, Andrea; Ceccacci, Silvia; Mengoni, Maura -
A novel platform to enable the future human-centered factory 1-gen-2022 Generosi, A.; Agostinelli, T.; Ceccacci, S.; Mengoni, M. s00170-022-09880-z.pdf
A preliminary investigation towards the application of facial expression analysis to enable an emotion-aware car interface 1-gen-2020 Ceccacci, S.; Generosi, A.; Giraldi, L.; Carbonara, G.; Castellano, A.; Montanari, R.; Mengoni, M. HCII20_final.pdf
A System to Support the Design and Management of Customer Experience Based on a Customer-Centered Approach 1-gen-2022 Ceccacci, Silvia; Generosi, Andrea; Mengoni, Maura ADM2021_final_rev.rev.pdf
A Tool to Make Shopping Experience Responsive to the Customers’ Emotions 1-gen-2018 Mengoni, M.; Generosi, Andrea; Ceccacci, S.; Giraldi, L. -
A toolkit for the automatic analysis of human behavior in HCI applications in the wild 1-gen-2020 Generosi, A.; Ceccacci, S.; Faggiano, S.; Giraldi, L.; Mengoni, M. A_Toolkit_for_the_Automatic_Analysis_of_Human_Beha.pdf
An Adaptive System to Manage Playlists and Lighting Scenarios Based on the User's Emotions 1-gen-2019 Generosi, A.; Ciabattoni, L.; Altieri, A.; Ceccacci, S.; Mengoni, M.; Talipu, A.; Turri, G. An_Adaptive_System_to_Manage_Playlists_and_Lighting_Scenarios_Based_on_the_Users_Emotions.pdf
An emotion recognition system for monitoring shopping experience 1-gen-2018 Ceccacci, S.; Generosi, A.; Giraldi, L.; Mengoni, M. -
An user-centered approach to design smart systems for people with dementia 1-gen-2017 Mengoni, M.; Ceccacci, S.; Giraldi, Luca; Generosi, Andrea -
Augmented Reality for assembly operation training. Does immersion affect the recall performance? 1-gen-2022 Generosi, A.; Agostinelli, T.; Mengoni, M.; Ceccacci, S. Augmented_Reality_for_assembly_operation_training_does_immersion_affect_the_recall_performance.pdf
Designing in-car emotion-aware automation 1-gen-2021 Ceccacci, Silvia; Mengoni, Maura; Generosi, Andrea; Giraldi, Luca; Presta, Roberta; Carbonara, Giuseppe; Castellano, Andrea; Montanari, Roberto Designing in-car emotion-aware automation. European Transport.pdf
Facial coding as a mean to enable continuous monitoring of student’s behavior in e-Learning 1-gen-2021 Ceccacci, S.; Generosi, A.; Cimini, G.; Faggiano, S.; Giraldi, L.; Mengoni, M teleXbe2021_Final.pdf
MoBeTrack: A Toolkit to Analyze User Experience of Mobile Apps in the Wild 1-gen-2019 Generosi, A.; Ceccacci, S.; Turri, G.; Altieri, A.; Talipu, A.; Mengoni, M.; Giraldi, G.; Foresi, G. MoBeTrack_A_Toolkit_to_Analyze_User_Experience_of_Mobile_Apps_in_the_Wild.pdf
Preliminary Validation of a Low-Cost Motion Analysis System Based on RGB Cameras to Support the Evaluation of Postural Risk Assessment 1-gen-2021 Agostinelli, Thomas; Generosi, Andrea; Ceccacci, Silvia; Karim Khamaisi, Riccardo; Peruzzini, Margherita; Mengoni, Maura applsci-pubblicato.pdf
Spatial Augmented Reality: An application for human work in smart manufacturing environment 1-gen-2018 Mengoni, Maura; Ceccacci, Silvia; Generosi, Andrea; Leopardi, Alma -
The Role of Haptic Feedback and Gamification in Virtual Museum Systems 1-gen-2021 Ceccacci, S.; Generosi, A.; Leopardi, A.; Mandorli, F.; Mengoni, M. The role of haptic feedback and gamification in virtual museum systems.pdf