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"Living Between two Languages" 1-gen-2002 Camboni, Marina; Marina, -
"The Voice of Columbia: Aspects of the Debate over the English and/or American Language, 1743-1800". 1-gen-1987 Camboni, Marina -
"William Carlos Williams e la lingua americana" 1-gen-1982 Camboni, Marina -
-“Dora Marsden, Ezra Pound H.D. and ‘The Art of the future’” Part I 1-gen-1999 Camboni, Marina -
-“Networking Women: Subjects, Places, Links Europe-America, 1890-1939. Towards a Re-writing of Cultural History" 1-gen-2003 Camboni, Marina; Marina, -
A Dialogue Between Marina Camboni and Anne Blonstein. From ‘Of Experimental Poetry: A Dialogue between a Scholar and a Poet’ 1-gen-2010 Camboni, Marina Anne Blonstein Word For-Word #16, Winter 2010.mht
Alicia Suskin Ostriker and the Politics of Poetry 1-gen-2012 Camboni, Marina -
Bryher and Walter Benjamin: Between Barbarism and Modernity 1-gen-2009 Camboni, Marina Camboni. Bryher & benjamin.HDWEB4summer2009.pdf
Doppio o quasi doppio. Nome, storia, rappresentazione in Poe,
Melville, DeLillo 1-gen-2014 Camboni, Marina -
Dora Marsden, Ezra Pound, H.D. and 'The Art of the Future',Part 2 1-gen-2000 Camboni, Marina -
Identities in critical times: Obama’s ‘patchwork’and ‘the melting pot’ 1-gen-2012 Camboni, Marina -
Impure lines. Multilingualism, hybridity, and cosmopolitanism in contemporary women’s poetry 1-gen-2007 Camboni, Marina camboni.impure lines.2007.pdf
Kathleen Fraser’s extraordinary experiences of the ordinary 1-gen-2010 Camboni, Marina -
Two John Smiths and a Tent 1-gen-2008 Camboni, Marina Two John Smiths and a Tent aspeers.mht
Why, Berlin, must I love you so?”: Bryher in Berlin, 1927-1932 1-gen-2008 Camboni, Marina Bryher in Berlin.HDWEB3december2008.pdf
“ Fra Hilda Doolittle e Marilyn Monroe: il nome nella letteratura e cultura americana del novecento” 1-gen-2013 Camboni, Marina -
“Kathleen Fraser in dialogo con Marina Camboni” 1-gen-2005 Camboni, Marina -
“Kathleen Fraser: poesie scelte, tradotte da Marina Camboni” 1-gen-2005 Camboni, Marina -
“Review Essay: The Language of Doom, Memory, and Assimilation Restoring Sacred Art by Joseph Bathanti” 1-gen-2013 Camboni, Marina -
“What the Times Require: American Poetry at the Turn of the Twenty-first Century” In corso di stampa Camboni, Marina -