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On the economic growth theory with Kadiyala production function 1-gen-2018 Grassetti, Francesca; Hunanyan, Gevorg -
On the Effect of Labour Productivity on Growth: Endogenous Fluctuations and Complex Dynamics 1-gen-2018 Grassetti, F.; Mammana, C.; Michetti, E. Grassetti_Effect-Labour-Productivity_2018.pdf
On the evolution of the rural settlement in some territories of the V and VI regio, from the Roman Age to the Early Middle Ages 1-gen-1995 Moscatelli, Umberto -
On the existential side of the eternalism-presentism dispute 1-gen-2016 Orilia, Francesco Orilia_On-existential-side_2016.pdf
On the first step of ‘Chinese Irrationality’: early Christian definition of Buddhism as a useless doctrine in late Ming China 1-gen-2020 Ambrogio, S Selusi Ambrogio_On the first step of Chinese Irrationality_ICCC 2020.pdf
On the history of Russian (Slavic) aspect. A view from outside 1-gen-2017 Tomelleri, Vittorio Tomelleri_2017_On_the_history_of.pdf
On the Influence of Production Technologies and Savings Propensities on Economic Growth. Findings Considering a Solow's Type Growth Model 1-gen-2019 Grassetti, Francesca -
On the Italian style. The eclectic canon and the relationship of theory to practice as key-elements of Italian legal culture (19th-20th centuries) 1-gen-2017 Lacchè, Luigi Lacchè_On-Italian-Style_2017.pdf
On the Move: Constructing, Rethinking, Narrating Identities 1-gen-2019 Castagnoli, S.; Raffi, F. Castagnoli_On-Move-Constructing_2019.pdf
On the move: constructing, rethinking, narrating identities 1-gen-2019 Castagnoli, S.; Raffi, F. Castagnoli_On-Move_2019.pdf
On the pro-trade effects of immigrants 1-gen-2014 Massimiliano, Bratti; DE BENEDICTIS, Luca; Gianluca, Santoni Bratti_Pro-trade- effects-immigrants_2014.pdf
On the Role of Latent Design Conditions in Cyber-Physical Systems Security 1-gen-2016 Zanutto, Alberto; K., Follis; A., Rashid; J., Busby; S., Frey Frey et al (2016) On the role of latent design conditions in cyber-physical systems security.pdf
On the Substitutability between Equal Opportunities and Income Redistribution 1-gen-2009 Valentini, Enzo -
On the tracks of Nitrogen deposition effects on temperate forests at their southern European range - an observational study from Italy 1-gen-2014 Ferretti, M.; Marchetto, A.; Arisci, S.; Bussotti, F.; Calderisi, M.; Carnicelli, S.; Cecchini, G.; Fabbio, G.; Bertini, G.; Matteucci, G.; De Cinti, B.; Salvati, L.; Pompei, E. -
On the Translation of the Italian Subjunctive into English 1-gen-1995 Stewart, Dominic -
On the Women Lawyers' Voice in Europe. Scenarios for a Legal Education Agenda 1-gen-2011 Olgiati, Vittorio -
On Thought Experiments and the Kantian A Priori in the Natural Sciences: A Reply to Yiftach J.H. Fehige 1-gen-2013 Buzzoni, Marco -
On translating Kosta Chetagurov’s Iron Fӕndyr (Ossetian Harp) into Italian. Some observations 1-gen-2019 Tomelleri, V. S.; Giordano, A. Tomelleri_Giordano_2019_On_translating.pdf
On-Chain Global Maintenance Services 1-gen-2022 Bellini, A; Bonifacio, A.; De Falco, S. E.; Naldini, S.; Pacileo, F.; Pennino, D.; Pizzonia, M.; Sardanelli, D.; Vitaletti, A.; Vito, P.; Zecchini, M. Bellini_OnChain-Global-Maintenance_2022.pdf
Mostra risultati da 24.570 a 24.589 di 38.183
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