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A BBN-based Method to Manage Adaptive Behavior of a Smart User Interface 1-gen-2016 Gullà, Francesca; Cavalieri, Lorenzo; Ceccacci, Silvia; Germani, Michele -
A deep learning-based system to track and analyze customer behavior in retail store 1-gen-2018 Generosi, Andrea; Ceccacci, Silvia; Mengoni, Maura -
A digital cookbook for elderly people: Investigating interface concepts 1-gen-2017 Orso, Valeria; Gullà, Francesca; Menghi, Roberto; Ceccacci, Silvia; Cavalieri, Lorenzo; Germani, Michele; Gamberini, Luciano -
A Fuzzy Knowledge-Based System for Diagnosing Unpredictable Failures in CNC Machine Tools 1-gen-2019 Colasante, Antony; Ceccacci, Silvia; Talipu, Abudukaiyoumu; Mengoni, Maura 1-s2.0-S2351978920301220-main.pdf
A low cost motion analysis system based on RGB cameras to support ergonomic risk assessment in real workspaces 1-gen-2020 Altieri, A.; Ceccacci, S.; Talipu, A.; Mengoni, M. DETC2020-19471_REV.pdf
A Method and Experimentation to Benchmark XR Technologies Enhancing Archeological Museum Experience 1-gen-2023 Agostinelli, T.; Generosi, A.; Ceccacci, S.; Pretaroli, R.; Mengoni, M. 978-3-031-35897-5_removed.pdf
A method for systematic usability evaluation of interactive product interfaces 1-gen-2011 Maura, Mengoni; Ceccacci, S.; Peruzzini, M.; Michele, Germani -
A Method To Design A Smart Home Interface 1-gen-2013 Ceccacci, S.; Germani, Michele; Mengoni, Maura -
A method to estimate the total VOC emission of furniture products 1-gen-2018 Menghi, Roberto; Ceccacci, Silvia; Papetti, Alessandra; Marconi, Marco; Germani, Michele -
A method to identify VR-based set-up to foster elderly in design evaluation 1-gen-2016 Mengoni, Maura; Raponi, Damiano; Ceccacci, Silvia -
A methodology to introduce gesture-based interaction into existing consumer product 1-gen-2016 Germani, Michele; Ceccacci, Silvia; Mengoni, Maura; Cavalieri, Lorenzo 2016 Lectures Notes on Gesture-based interaction.pdf
A multipath methodology to promote ergonomics, safety and efficiency in agile factories 1-gen-2019 Ceccacci, S.; Matteucci, M.; Peruzzini, M.; Mengoni, M. P5 - A multipath methodology to promote ergonomics, safety and efficiency in agile factories.pdf
A new paradigm for the enjoyment and exploitation of cultural heritage based on spatial augmented reality. The case of the Ducal Palace of Urbino 1-gen-2021 Leopardi, A.; Ceccacci, S.; Mengoni, M. asme_2021_final (MAURA MENGONI)_REV_SC.pdf
A new smart strategy for web searching of commercial products 1-gen-2016 Cavalieri, Lorenzo; Capitanelli, Andrea; Ceccacci, Silvia; Gullà, Francesca; Germani, Michele; Papetti, Alessandra -
A novel platform to enable the future human-centered factory 1-gen-2022 Generosi, A.; Agostinelli, T.; Ceccacci, S.; Mengoni, M. s00170-022-09880-z.pdf
A preliminary investigation towards the application of facial expression analysis to enable an emotion-aware car interface 1-gen-2020 Ceccacci, S.; Generosi, A.; Giraldi, L.; Carbonara, G.; Castellano, A.; Montanari, R.; Mengoni, M. HCII20_final.pdf
A structured and user-friendly method to conduct an all-round evaluation of Smart Products 1-gen-2019 Papetti, Alessandra; Cavalieri, Lorenzo; Ceccacci, Silvia; Gullà, Francesca; Germani, Michele JAISE 2019 - A structured and user-friendly method to conduct an all-round evaluation of Smart Products.pdf
A System to Support the Design and Management of Customer Experience Based on a Customer-Centered Approach 1-gen-2022 Ceccacci, Silvia; Generosi, Andrea; Mengoni, Maura ADM2021_final_rev.rev.pdf
A systematic approach to support conceptual design of inclusive products 1-gen-2017 Mengoni, Maura; Ceccacci, Silvia; Giraldi, Luca Systematic approach to Support Conceptual desing of Universal Products_r....pdf
A Test Management System to Support Remote Usability Assessment of Web Applications 1-gen-2022 Generosi, A.; Villafan, J. Y.; Giraldi, L.; Ceccacci, S.; Mengoni, M. information-13-00505.pdf