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Exploring tourism activity in countries and regions of Europe in the recent period of crisis 1-gen-2017 Rontos, K; Salvati, L; Syrmali, M; Vavouras, I; Karagkouni, E Rontos_exploring-tourism-activity_2017.pdf
Exploring variation and regularities in translation with multiple translation corpora 1-gen-2011 Castagnoli, Sara CASTAGNOLI_pre-print.pdf
Exploring variation in student translation 1-gen-2023 Castagnoli, Sara Castagnoli_Exploring-variation-translation_2023.pdf
Exponential loss regularisation for encouraging ordinal constraint to shotgun stocks quality assessment 1-gen-2023 Manuel Vargas, Víctor; Antonio Gutiérrez, Pedro; Rosati, Riccardo; Romeo, Luca; Frontoni, Emanuele; Hervás-Martínez, César -
Exposure protocol setup for agro food treatment. Method and system for developing an application for heating in reverberation chamber 1-gen-2015 Paolanti, M.; Pollini, R.; Frontoni, E.; Mancini, A.; De Leo, R.; Zingaretti, P.; Bisceglia, B. MMS2015.pdf
Exposure to the Natural Compound Climacostol Induces Cell Damage and Oxidative Stress in the Fruit Fly Drosophila melanogaster 1-gen-2024 Catalani, Elisabetta; Brunetti, Kashi; Del Quondam, Simona; Bongiorni, Silvia; Picchietti, Simona; Fausto, Anna Maria; Lupidi, Gabriele; Marcantoni, Enrico; Perrotta, Cristiana; Achille, Gabriele; Buonanno, Federico; Ortenzi, Claudio; Cervia, Davide Catalani_Exposure_Natural_Compound.pdf
L'expropriation pour cause d'utilité publique du 1er Empire à la IIIe République 1-gen-1997 Lacchè, Luigi -
L'expropriation pour cause d'utilité publique en France au XIXe siècle. Origines et développement d'un modèle juridique 1-gen-2000 Lacchè, Luigi -
L'expropriation pour cause d'utilité publique, la propriété et les garanties constitutionnelles dans la France révolutionnaire, 1-gen-1995 Lacchè, Luigi -
An Extended Structural Analysis of Mexico: Production, income distribution, and international trade 1-gen-2023 Moreno Reyes, E. d.2023.05.03_PhD_candidate_dissertation_EMR.pdf
Extending the Current Theorization On Cyberbullying. Importance of Including Socio-Psychological Perspectives 1-gen-2021 Hellsten, L-ann; Crespi, I.; Hendry, B; Fermani, A 2021 Hellsten Crespi Hendry e Fermani IJSE.pdf
The eXtensible Business Reporting Language: A Digital Tool to Enhance Public Sector Accountability 1-gen-2018 Soverchia, Michela; Fradeani, Andrea Soverchia_XBRLdigitaltool_2018.pdf
Extension of dependence properties to semi-copulas and applications to the mean–variance model 1-gen-2013 Cerqueti, Roy; Fabio, Spizzichino ArticCerqSpizzFSS.pdf
External engagement and the Euro-Mediterranean energy cooperation: Between Regional initiatives and Strategic Partnerships 1-gen-2019 Prontera, Andrea 12_foro_eu_external_engagement_prontera.pdf
External finance, subordinated financialisation: a reflection on Argentina's currency flights in the last three decades 1-gen-2022 Lampa, R; Tavasci, D; Ventimiglia, L Lampa CJE 2022.pdf
External Public Debt, Trade Linkages and Contagion During the Eurozone Crisis 1-gen-2017 Cutrini, Eleonora; Galeazzi, Giorgio Cutrini_External-Debt-Contagion_2017.pdf
External Reviewer for AIUCD 2016 ~ Digital editions: representation, interoperability, text analysis and infrastructures (Venice, 7-9 September 2016) [see p. 6] ~ Coordinator: Paolo Mastandrea (Ca' Foscari University of Venice) 1-gen-2016 Nolfo, Fabio aiucd2016-boa1-6x.pdf
External Reviewer for AIUCD 2017 ~ «The Reverse Telescope: Big Data and Distant Reading in the Humanities» (Rome, 26-28 January 2017) ~ Chair: Fabio Ciotti (Tor Vergata University of Rome ) - Co-chair: Gianfranco Crupi (Sapienza University of Rome) 1-gen-2017 Nolfo, Fabio Prof. Ciotti_AIUCD 2017.pdf
External Reviewer for AIUCD 2018 ~ Cultural Heritage in the Digital Age. Memory, Humanities and Technologies (Bari, January 31st-February 2nd) ~ Chair: Daria Spampinato (Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies - CNR) - Co-chair: Nicola Barbuti (University of Bari "Aldo Moro") 1-gen-2018 Nolfo, Fabio Fabio Nolfo_Ringraziamenti AIUCD 2018.pdf
EXTRA EYE - Egocentric and eXocenTRic views for An object-level human bEhavior analYsis and undErstanding through tracking in complex space 1-gen-2023 Paolanti, Marina; Frontoni, Emanuele -
Mostra risultati da 11.458 a 11.477 di 40.524
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