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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Differences between predictions of how a reflection behaves based on the behaviour of an object 1-gen-2015 Bianchi, Ivana; Bertamini, M.; Savardi, U. Bianchi_Differences-between-predictions_2015.pdf
Doing the opposite to what another person is doing. 1-gen-2014 Bianchi, Ivana; Savardi, U.; Burro, R.; Martelli, M. F. Do the opposite_acta.pdf
Identification of opposites and intermediates by eye and by hand 1-gen-2017 Bianchi, Ivana; Paradis, Carita; Burro, Roberto; Weijer Joost van, De; Nyström, Marcus; Savardi, Ugo Bianchi_Identification-opposites-intermediates_2017.pdf
The middle of the road: perceiving intermediates. 1-gen-2013 Bianchi, Ivana; Burro, R.; Torquati, S.; Savardi, U. 2013_intermediates_acta.pdf
Naive prediction of orientation and motion in mirrors. From what we see to what we expect reflections to do. 1-gen-2010 U., Savardi; Bianchi, Ivana; M., Bertamini SBB_mirrorActa 2010.pdf
Perceptual ratings of opposite spatial properties: Do they lie on the same dimension? 1-gen-2011 Bianchi, I.; Savardi, U.; Burro, R. Unidim_ACTA2011.pdf
Mostra risultati da 1 a 6 di 6
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